Since its founding, Flanders’ FOOD has been THE innovation platform for the Flemish food industry.

Flanders’ FOOD was established in 2005 by Fevia Vlaanderen (federation for the food industry) and around 20 founding members. The starting point? Gaining a stronger position through collaboration, with each other and research partners. A vision we still believe in.

The classic farm to consumer ‘value chain’, with a central role for the food factory, seemed more and more outdated. The playing field is becoming more global every day. Investing in research and innovation between both (food) companies and social profit organisations is essential for increasing competitiveness in the agri-food system. Crossing borders between sectors and regions. This is the role that Flanders’ FOOD, a member organisation at the European level, wishes to fulfil. Everyone who sees added value in a collaboration with the Flemish food industry ecosystem is more than welcome.

In 2016, the explicit decision to evolve into a strategy-driven innovation platform was taken. Flanders’ FOOD set up a strategic research and innovation plan together with businesses from the Flemish food sector and the Flemish research institutes. And we continue to follow this path today.

Since 2018, Flanders’ FOOD is recognised as a spearhead cluster for AgriFood by the Flemish Government, via Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO).

As spearhead cluster, The Flemish Government has given Flanders’ FOOD 3 important roles:

  1. Central point of contact for businesses, social profit organisations, knowledge institutes and authorities in the strategic domain of the agri-food industry within the Flemish innovation system
  2. Organising collaboration initiatives between all stakeholders in the triple helix to increase the competitiveness of the Flemish food industry
  3. Managing specific innovation resources(earmarked for project budgets via VLAIO) for rolling out the strategic research and innovation plan

General info

Flanders’ FOOD has members from food companies and businesses from related sectors as well as partners and knowledge institutes.
Flanders’ FOOD has around 300 members.