Food & Bio Cluster Denmark exists to strengthen knowledge-based innovation and collaboration between companies and knowledge institutions across the food and bioresources value chain. We are the gateway to networking, the development of new business ideas and funding opportunities.

Five paths to growth

Based on five core areas, we contribute to the good idea easing from the paper and unfolding its potential. We pick up the idea and help with the development of a new business area or the foundation for a new company that can act at an national and international level.

1. Increased innovation

We provide access to the knowledge, research and development facilities and financing you need to strengthen your innovation.

For larger companies, we help with a strategic focus on innovation, internal buy-in and execution power.

For knowledge institutions, we mediate collaboration with companies and translate knowledge into patents.

2. Competitive growth

We help develop business models and market potential by increasing sales skills, marketing and awareness. For the established company, we provide sparring that increases sales and exports.

3. Stronger entrepreneurship

We support and accelerate start-ups to create new jobs and growth.

Entrepreneurs can look to us for business development advice, office facilities, financing and investor networks and access to customers and sparring partners.

Established companies can connect with entrepreneurs who offer radical solutions that complement their business.

For knowledge institutions, we provide the necessary sparring to kickstart spinouts and new technology hubs.

4. Access to skilled labour

A specialised cluster needs special skills and talents. We put entrepreneurs in touch with potential partners, a flexible workforce and trainees.

For SMEs, we provide inspiration and access to academics, while large companies can gain access to “best-in-class” talents as well as promotion to students.

Knowledge institutions get a close business collaboration that ensures student jobs and business-relevant teaching.

5. Trends and transitions

As a cluster organisation, we are driven by the needs and demands of our members, but we also help define the challenges and trends of the future, such as the transition to digitalised agrifood production.