FOOD+i, a Food Cluster from the Ebro Valley, is a private business organisation that strives for the competitive improvement of its companies by providing meeting places, activities and innovative projects that sustainably increase business

Broaden your company’s horizons. EXPLORE, CONNECT and INNOVATE with FOOD+i

The Ebro Valley is the main Food Production HUB in Spain, where you will find 25% of the companies that account for 36% of the sector’s total turnover (45,369 million euros) and 33% of total employment (143,429 jobs). It is one of the leading spaces in Europe that determines the present and future of the sector.

Belonging to FOOD + i allows its partners to increase their business opportunities and participation in innovative projects


In an environment of accelerated changes, only companies that EXPLORE new opportunities, CONNECT by working and collaborating in a network and INNOVATE at all levels, will have a real chance of achieving success.