The National Food Cluster is a R&D / export-oriented food-specialized industrial complex equipped with world-class R&D facilities and various corporate support programs, supporting high added value creation by corporations.

Through distinguished technological support for high value-added commercialization and organic industry-academia network, we are strengthening the corporate competitiveness and striving to be the new center of global food market.

Food industry has evolved to a creative area of fusion and convergence of cutting-edge technology, firmly positioning itself as a growing industry of the future.

The food companies from various countries are competitively expanding investments, and fiercely competing to react to the trend of the food market, such that it is definitely no easy matter to secure competitiveness in the global market. 

But there is a way! 

If the unrelenting efforts of food entrepreneurs to overcome the limitations of the reality through creative ideas and marketing strategies come together with the scientific and effective support of the National Food Cluster, it can actually create an opportunity of success. Along with the food entrepreneurs, the National Food Cluster shall be the starting point for a 100-year strategy for Korea as a food power and the rich lives of the next generation.

We hope for the active participation of domestic and international food entrepreneurs and the unchanging support from the netizens.