Workshop 11: Bringing urban farming to new heights

During this online thematic workshop European and Asian SMEs and flagship projects will showcase how they can bring the production of agricultural goods within urban areas to scale through cutting-edge indoor farming solutions, new research, and innovative business models.

Indoor, vertical farming solutions (at scale) will play a pivotal role in the future of farming because they allow food production to be fully uncoupled from soil and external climate influences. Innovations showcased will include, among others, modulable farms with quality calibration, 3.0 recipes to optimize taste, active ingredients and resistance, indoor growing platforms with automatic digital systems, rotating towers for a unique combination of data driven automation for culture optimization

Topics to be covered

  • Vertical farming solutions
  • Hydroponic indoor vertical farming solutions


09.00 Welcome & General Introduction of the workshop by Emma Sidgwick, Flanders’ FOOD 

09.05 Vertical farming in Japan by Professor Hiromichi Itoh, Kobe University 

09.25 Vertical farming in Thailand by Rene Watteau 

09.45 Introduction to Digital Master Class 1 by Elise Laporte, Vitagora 

09.55 Presentation by Romain Schmitt, CEO and founder of Farm Cube

10.05 Presentation by Michael Lindberg, CEO of Elius 

10.15 Introduction to Digital Master Class 2 by Elise Laporte, Vitagora 

10.20 Presentation by Edwin Ong, CEO of Arianetech

10.30 Presentation by Maarten Vandecruys, Founder & CTO of Urban Crop Solutions

10.40 Q & A

10.55 Wrap-up and closing

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