Did you know… Thailand?


Thailand represents the second largest ASEAN economy. The country was ranked 35-40th most competitive nation in a list of 140countries. The food industry represents 23% of Thailand’s GDP, proving its importance in the economy. It’s called the “kitchen of

Did you know… Singapore?

Being the world’s 2nd container port (1st in volume in 2021) its geographical location enables Singapore to be a gateway to Asian markets countries. This country is classified in the Top 2 countries doing business and it’s one of

Did you know… South Korea?

South Korea is classified as one of the Top 10 World Economies and one of the Top 6 country doing business. World food consumption trends are influenced by « Hallyu » popularity of the Korean culture. This is a

Did you know… Japan?

Japan is classified as one of the Top 3 world economy and is well known for its high purchasing power. In terms of demography, Japan is one of the 11 countries with the biggest populations in the world. This