Workshop 12: New materials, technologies and regulations for the packaging of tomorrow

Packaging must serve critical functions including protection, preservation, distribution and advertising. Food packaging represents more than 66% of total packaging produced. For this reason, its sustainability cannot be measured only by its biodegradability. The resources needed for its development, such as the distance its weight must travel or the recyclable nature of its material, should be taken into account. Plant-based plastics, compostable materials, biomass, edible wrapping, etc. What are the most innovative and sustainable solutions in food packaging?

Topics to be covered

  • Advanced bioplastics for food and consumer preferences towards sustainable packaging solutions
  • Sustainable packaging for future
  • Food packaging regulations


09.00 Welcome & General Introduction of the workshop

09.05 General overview of the topic from asian perspective

09.25 General overview of the topic from european perspective

09.45 Introduction to Digital Master Class 1

09.55 Presentation 1

10.05 Presentation 2

10.15 Introduction to Digital Master Class 2

10.20 Presentation 1

10.30 Presentation 2

10.40 Q & A

10.55 Wrap-up and closing

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