Workshop 6: Personalised nutrition. How to bring personalisation to the mass?

Consumer desire for personalised nutrition is growing rapidly. Because personalised food is still costly and complex to produce, it remains niche and companies focus on ‘customisation’, requiring the end consumer to do the hard work of choosing rather than personalising food to individual needs. But in the next ten years, we expect personalised nutrition to become mainstream, supported by the use of smart devices that track, interpret and advise consumers what their body is telling them. The challenges to overcome to reach the mass market are technological (e.g., real time biomarkers, near-effortless ‘always on’ monitoring), relevance and affordability. At this masterclass we will discuss and present promising business models bringing personalised nutrition to the mass.

Topics to be covered

  • Improved functionally of plant-based proteins targeted the elderly
  • Personlised nutrition for the mass market



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