Global Foodture provides internationalisation support to European SMEs

Global Foodture is a European Strategic Cluster Partnership for going International (ESCP-4i) project funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s).

It was designed to boost the sustainable transition of the food system worldwide through collaboration and innovation. It develops and implements a joint internationalisation strategy that facilitates access to countries outside Europe for European SMEs. With this approach Global Foodture will help strengthen participants’ capabilities to adapt to food sustainability challenges. How?

Market Research. A key piece to start your international strategy.

We have carried out a market and gap analysis on the four targeted countries: Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand, to identify the most relevant target regions in Asia for European companies within the agrifood sector, and to identify the most relevant cooperation partners with whom the consortium will work closely not only to identify key needs in the markets where European technologies, products and services may be relevant but also to support the future project activities.

SME and ecosystem connection.

We provide two sources for potential collaborators identification. On one hand the DIH Agrifood Cooperation Platform, where you can find European agrifood sector actors sorted by country, services provided, organisation type, production type, etc. And on the other hand, the Global Foodture community where there are more than 300 participants from more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia.

In both platforms you can directly contact interesting entities or ask your Global Foodture’s local contact point to identify them for you and connect you with them.

Online training. Improving SME capabilities on target countries.

Holistic support programme for internationalisation that unlocks the capacities of SMEs to improve their competitiveness and internationalisation capabilities aimed at the target countries, and a suitable global framework to facilitate export promotion and cross-sectoral cooperation:

  • Monthly online thematic workshops related to agriculture, sustainable packaging, alternative proteins, reduce food waste, and health, functional and personalised food.
  • International training sessions designed to showcase the European and Asian technologies to a digital audience and creating an environment suitable for an exchange of information and stimulation of innovative co-operations between European and Asian SMEs.

You can register to all the training activities in the Global Foodture Community.

International missions.

Missions to Singapore and Thailand to support innovation collaboration to boost sustainable transition of the food system, and online matchmaking events between European and Asian SMEs within the food value chain. During the missions, the SMEs will have the opportunity for individual, face-to-face meetings as well as site visits to enable a full exchange of information and to cement a business relationship.

If you are interested in Singapore, Japan, Thailand or South Korea, express your interest to your cluster’s contact now! Global Foodture team will screen and evaluate the potential of the SMEs registered in the target countries and select them for an individualized and personalized assistance during the whole process, enlarging your success.

Participate in Global Foodture’s activities like the internationalisation training program, the thematic workshops and the online matchmakings until October 2023 and apply for the two international missions. All these activities are free of charge!

If you are an SME in the food sector, working for leading change towards a more sustainable system and learn about good practices from countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Japan or South Korea, this is your chance!

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