Workshop 4: The future of proteins: SCP & Cultured Meat

As global population is on the rise, the need of food and especially protein-rich meals is increasing every day. But the current way of production is taking a heavy burden on our planet. More environmental production methods are being explored that take up less land, consume less water and emit less GHG. Next to plant-based proteins, research goes further looking at cell-based proteins, produced in the lab or single cell proteins, fermenting microbial organisms.

Topics to be covered

  • Single Cell-based protein revolution
  • Microbial protein and cultured meat production


09.00 Welcome & General Introduction of the workshop by the Moderator Emma Sidwick, Flanders Food

09.05 Presentation of the overall theme by Good Food Institute APAC

09.15 Introduction to Digital Master Class 1 by Moderator Emma Sidgwick, Flanders Food

09:20 Presentation by Stijn Boeren, Director of Avecom

09.30 Presentation by Yashaswini Balraju, CEO of Mycovation

09.40 Presentation by Hermes Sanctorum, CEO of Paleo

09.50 Introduction to Master Class 2 by Moderator María Díaz Navarro, Food+i

09.55 Presentation by Biotech-Foods

10:05 Presentation by Dutch company OR Wasna

10.15 Q&A and reflection by Moderator

10.25 Wrap-up & Closing – Moderator

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